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01948 Phiten Phiten titanium necklace titanium super Athlete entry ring
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[Material] :( surface) 100% silica gel 
         (snap) titanium

- Size: 43CM 48CM

Name [Chinese]:  SA Super Athlete Sai Purui ring items 


Phiten Titanium models Sai Purui collar Silicone +

Three-wire silicone models designed, the middle of pure titanium sheet!

Unique style novel, the effect is more outstanding, the origin of China, designed specifically for the Chinese people!

Fundamentally start, complete cure cervical spondylosis cervical spine are the main pillars of the human body, and human life center - medullary closely linked, is rich in blood vessels, nerve plexus, safeguard human basic life activities of information upload issued and nutrient delivery, and any subtle changes It can lead to organ discomfort. Also known as cervical spondylosis cervical syndrome due to the changes in cervical lordosis, dislocation, bone deformation, hyperplasia, soft tissue injuries, cervical disc due to instability, so the inevitable oppression cervical nearby rich blood vessels, nerve plexus and other tissues, causing a series of symptoms occurs in various diseases. Cervical spondylosis and serious harm to the appearance of cervical disease is a chronic degenerative disease of great harm, the main symptoms: neck and shoulder acid swollen, painful neck stiffness, difficulty moving back pain, numbness, headache, dizziness, Shen sleepy, insomnia, forgetfulness visual impairment, irregular heartbeat stomach full of dull, poor blood, general fatigue with the accelerated pace of life, cervical spondylosis is getting younger, widely present in all types of professional crowd.



Note that when using the product: 
1. Hot encountered not affect the results. 
2. Do not use the washing machine or dryer to prevent the shortened life. 
3. Do not wear in eczema or a wound place. 
4. If itchy skin, discontinue use and consult a physician. 
5. After pulling force will shape deformation, please note that when used.


Phiten - Titanium collar brand first, many of the world's top athletes of their esteem. Phiten Aqua Titanium's unique technology, can ease muscle tension, help relax and avoid unexpected production. Phiten titanium is universally recognized collar.


Action principle: use a special vine proprietary phild process to produce titanium metal into a semi-dissolved water-soluble titanium, so the material in years, made a variety of products. Material principle, no side effects

Efficacy: help enhance blood circulation and relax the body, the body relaxed, soothing. Enhance the body's energy to pass through, improve strength, endurance and concentration. Since the accumulation of blood lactate is the main reason for fatigue, wear the accumulation of lactic acid can be broken down, relieve neck vertebrae. Migraines. Rheumatism, poor sleep, etc. .

For the crowd: who is interested in sports, travel, people with cervical disease, and long-term use of computer people, fatigue of the crowd.

Features: nylon products, not waterproof quick-drying, while for sports wear, easy to clean.



Action principle: using a special process to phild titanium melting water, this process was born out of a water-soluble titanium high-energy ball, and promote local blood circulation, promote lactic acid decomposition, and thus relieve muscle pain. Physical principles, no side effects.

Efficacy: help enhance blood circulation, relax the neck and shoulders relaxed, soothing. Increase the body's energy transmission and improve strength, improve endurance and concentration. Because the accumulation of blood lactate is the main reason for fatigue, wear the accumulation of lactic acid can be decomposed, thus eliminating fatigue, increase physical capacity.

For the crowd: sports enthusiasts, travel enthusiasts, cervical spondylosis, long-term use of computer people, fatigue crowd.


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